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Dec 08 2011

Daily concerns

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Well, our day started with somewhat of a scare.  Upon waking, Zeus rolled over for tummy rubs and I noticed a spot in the center of his stomach, right in front of his privates which looked like a spot of blood under the skin (not purple or bruised, just very red under the skin), about the diameter of a small egg.  No swelling or anything else of concern, just a very discolored spot.  Off to the vet which made Zeus VERY unhappy.  The vet ran blood tests to determine if there were any platelet deficiencies, but all of the levels looked normal (some elevations but on levels that they expect to be high immediately following surgery).  Two vets took a look and finally concluded it must be brusing and/or some free blood from the surgery that settled in that spot.  More than once it was mentioned that he may have excessively licked that spot overnight, but I do not think that is possible.  He is sleeping between us and we jump up if he even blinks too hard.  We will see how things look in the morning.

Speaking of sleeping, our entire lives have changed at this point.  Our mattress is in the floor.  Greg and I sleep opposite directions on the bed so that Zeus cannot step off accidentally.   We are alternating days to stay home with him and burning vacation time like crazy.  We have moved a futon mattress into the family room so that whomever is home with him for the day can stay on the futon right beside him.  In place of a wreath on the front door, we have a laminated sign stating “Please do not knock or ring bell.  Injured dog inside.”  And, now, it is snowing and we are trying hard to keep his bandages dry.  I can’t say that all of this is new to us.  Eleven years ago we adopted littermates from a shelter at which I volunteered.  Zeus’s brother, Merlin, had knee issues (left cruciate surgery at age 4, right luxating patella surgery at age 5 and right cruciate surgery at age 8.5).  The recover for those was just as brutal and we became quite experienced at assisting immobile, recovering dogs.  Fortunately, Zeus was always very healthy until this diagnosis.  He never had anything other than his yearly checkup.  Hopefully he will recover well from this surgery and be our happy boy for awhile longer!

Zeus’s bandage change is scheduled for Friday morning and we will get our first look at how the incision is healing.  The vet advises that the stitches will be removed the following Friday and they will start chemo that same day.  So, now I am off to search other blogs for what to expect from the next stage.

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One Response to “Daily concerns”

  1.   etgayleon 08 Dec 2011 at 4:00 am     Reply1

    good for you for being so astute and noticing the spot!! developing a ‘new normal’ takes a bit, but if you can try to go with the flow, it’s a rewarding journey. paws crossed that zeus continues to heal and every day gets a wee bit easier.

    charon & gayle

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