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Dec 10 2011

No regrets

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We have experienced that moment of realizing we most certainly made the right decision.

Thursday, 12/8, marked one week since the amputation surgery.  A few worries marked the week, but all turned out well.  In my last entry, I chronicled the spot that appeared on Zeus’s stomach which slowly disappeared the following day.  Apparently it was just bruising or some free blood that accumulated under the skin in that area, as the vet suspected.  Thursday was WONDERFUL.  Zeus was still a bit groggy from the pain meds, but he rediscovered his love of tummy rubs.  He spent nearly the entire day on his back with those three precious legs sprawled in every direction absolutely demanding scratches.  It was so wonderful to see his personality returning.  At one point, Greg was on the mattress in the floor, typing on the laptop and Zeus hopped over, plopped down on top of the laptop, rolled onto his back and looked at us upside down.  In that position, his lips fell open and exposed every single tooth in his mouth.  It was the biggest smile ever.  He stayed that way for the longest time, just soaking up the attention.  It was at that moment that we KNEW we had done the right thing.  Our boy is happy.

Friday started off with a trip to the vet for his first bandage change and the incision is healing beautifully.  Unfortunately they decided to remove the cumbersome bandage/wrap and replace it with just a sticky bandage.  It looked like a pee-pad with sticky edges.  Really… a sticky bandage on a furry dog?  That lasted all of 24 hours before the edges came loose and it was flapping around like a wing on his back.  Then, he decided that he needed to scratch his shoulder.  Greg and I both spilled our coffee diving for him before a toenail could catch that incision so artfully displayed under his “wing”.   Sooooo, back to the vet this morning to have something a little more substantial put on.  Not nearly as heavy duty as the initial bandaging, but something to hold the padding in place.

So, all is well for now.  Of course, we have our moments.  But, we feel that he should not experience any negativity from us so any tears are quietly shed outside on the deck.  Let me tell you, having to go outside to cry when it is mid-winter in the mountains of Pennsylvania provides serious motivation to stay positive!  : )


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