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Dec 14 2011

Update: Day 13 – Phantom Pains?

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Well, tomorrow is two weeks since amputation.  Zeus gets his stitches out and gets his first round of chemotherapy on Friday.  Some random thoughts regarding the journey so far:

Greg and I used vacation time and alternated staying home with Zeus the first week after surgery.  He was tightly wrapped with a serious bandage that looked a little like a straight jacket.  The meds kept him mostly knocked-out and he was up primarily when he had to go out or eat.  I was thankful that he peed and pooped the very first day home, and although our little pig’s appetite has been a little off he has mostly been normal about eating.  Of course, we still got no sleep at all because we would jump up every single time he moved.

Starting this week, he has been a little more awake and he seems like he might be having some phantom pains.  Or maybe it is the meds.  The vet finally called me back today with instructions for weaning him off of the meds.  I have WONDERFUL employers who have allowed me to bring Zeus to work with me during the recovery period and keep him in a large crate in my office.  I work for a law firm, so it is a professional setting and I was stunned when they just insisted that he come with me.  I am very thankful that I have been able to have him with me all day to keep an eye on him.

As of this morning, he was a bit wound-up and whining some.  At lunch I took him out for a walk and then adjusted his new doggy t-shirt that we bought after the bandage came off (I enlarged the hole for the remaining leg so that it didn’t bind him up too much when he tried to lay down or stretch).  That seemed to do the trick.  He is currenly snoring so hard that you can hear it all the way out into the hallway!  Come to think of it, he started the whining/crying intermittantly after the bandage was removed.  I wonder if his aggitation has been coming from the lack of pressure on that shoulder?  Maybe a security thing?

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One Response to “Update: Day 13 – Phantom Pains?”

  1.   etgayleon 15 Dec 2011 at 12:18 am     Reply1

    it’s so good to know that zeus is doing well – going to work at a law firm….we are impressed, maybe we should say ‘zeus, esq.’ we did not have phantom pain, so can’t help with that. we did have a bad experience with a pressure wrap that was too tight – we finally went the t-shirt route and that worked well. paws crossed for continued recovery!!

    charon & spirit gayle

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