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Dec 20 2011

20 days and still sleep deprived

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Boy, when the folks on this website talked about sleep deprivation and roller coaster rides, they weren’t kidding.  And, quite honestly, I feel like our recovery was a cake-walk compared to some of the blogs I have read.

To recap, Zeus’ first day after surgery was painful with a lot of whining.  The next few days were as good as we could have hoped for, I guess.  About 12 days after the amputation, he started whining whenever we pick him up or down and occasionally when he stands up to walk.  He also stopped rolling over onto his back for belly rubs.  The vet gave us an ‘all clear’ on his blood work and said that physical exam showed tenderness in his back.  Dr. Rider believes he just “tweaked it”.  In hindsight, we remembered Zeus stepping off of his pillow onto one of the runners we put down and his front foot slid forward.  He caught himself before he fell but I can only assume that must be what caused the problem.  I can’t really say that it has gotten much better in the last few days and I’m still a bit worried.

He had his stitches out on day 14 and that did seem to make him feel a bit better.  We are weaning him from the Gabapentin and that has definitely made a difference in how groggy he is.  Yesterday was actually quite good – he was moving around pretty good and only whined once when we carried him up for bed.  Then, this morning, he was in a sitting position and bent around to bite at the area above his tail.  Suddenly he sat up and cried loudly.  I can only assume that the hurt muscle in his back cramped up.  Once he calmed down, he seemed a bit slower in his movements the rest of the morning.

The first chemo treatment was last Friday and he seems to be tolerating it well.  On Sunday night he had a bit of diarrhea but he was back to normal by Monday morning.  Keeping our fingers crossed that he continues to have few side effects.

Although we are sleeping more since the stitches came out, we are still so tired.  I think our emotions are just draining us!  But, I’d still do it all over again.  I’ll take any amount of lost sleep if it leads to a happy, healthy pup!!

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2 Responses to “20 days and still sleep deprived”

  1.   etgayleon 21 Dec 2011 at 4:28 am     Reply1

    glad zeus is tolerating the chemo well. it is cumulative, so just know there might be a larger reaction as you get to #3 or #4..but then again, maybe not which would be great. we were so lucky to connect with a veterinary acupuncturist near us. when gayle would get muscle strains or when her spine would seem ‘tight’ from her centering her remaining front foot, the ‘needles’ really helped her get relief. the acupuncture was also important in helping boost her immunity as well.

    as for the lack of sleep…you will always be on pins and needles, but it will get a little easier with time. you will find a new normal. we recommend medicinal naps for all.

    charon & spirit gayle

  2.   zeuspodon 21 Dec 2011 at 4:30 pm     Reply2


    Thank you so much for your comments (to this and my forum posts) and advice. I am so sorry for the loss of Gayle and I am thankful that you continue to participate in this community despite such a recent loss. You and Gayle have been such an inspiration to us and give us reason for hope. I love your “prescription” and hope to “fill” it over the upcoming holiday/days off from work!

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