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Feb 04 2012

OSA: The cure for OCD

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I am fairly certain that if I submitted to testing I would be officially diagnosed with mild OCD.  I have always kept an immaculately clean house – everything has its place and dust mortifies me.  No, we do  not have kids.  Yes, we have always had dogs.  Which means that I vacuum three to four times per week.  Honestly, I do not notice or judge others’ homes when we visit, but any dirty spot in my own home eats at me until it is clean.

That said, this whole OSA ordeal has been almost like rehab.  First comes the diagnosis and the depression which overwhelms you for awhile.  You don’t care about anything but researching this disease and caring for your baby.  Then the amputation and the utter exhaustion from the recovery.  Once again, you are focused on the furchild, you are sleep deprived, and everything else falls through the cracks.  Then, finally, you see your baby feeling so much better and you realize just how lucky you are and how every moment is precious.  I just want to spend my time enjoying our boy.  Walks, belly rubs and cuddles seem much more important than those rogue dog hairs lying around.  I now find it adorable when Zeus repeatedly licks the kitchen cabinets immediately after eating a spoonful of peanut butter.  Don’t get me wrong, I do still clean my house, just not like before.  I have better things to do.

We have truly learned to ‘live in the now’ and it is good.  Life is good.

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One Response to “OSA: The cure for OCD”

  1.   etgayleon 05 Feb 2012 at 10:26 am     Reply1

    in the now!!!! geesh, you guys are doing great, don’t sweat the dust, it will still be there when you get to it (don’t come to our house and take notes or pictures). keep enjoying the wonderful time you have with zeus, and give him a big hug from us!!

    charon & spirit gayle

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